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Environmental Photography Award 2022

While neither denying the great challenges that await us nor concealing the damage inflicted by humanity on nature, the photographs selected for the second edition of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s Environmental Photography Award reveal the incredible beauty that our planet harbours, from the polar regions to the depths of the ocean, or even nestled in the heart of ancestral forests.

By reflecting on our relationship towards nature and interrelation between human health and planetary health, the photographers invite us on a journey through images and deliver a message of hope; that together we can still act in a meaningful way, if we join forces to limit the effects of climate change and promote the resilience of ecosystems. 

Their testimonies encourage us to change, to innovate, to invent sustainable solutions in order to better rethink our lives and our economies. They reveal a real “field of possibilities” for new generations who aspire to a more harmonious relationship with nature.

It is up to each and every one of us to make this world, where we would coexist in a more responsible and prosperous way, possible. Now is the time for action.

Nearly 8,000 photographs were entered in this second edition of the contest.



The 5 categories


Polar Wonders

Photographers are invited to submit their most beautiful images depicting landscapes, wildlife and local communities in the polar regions (Arctic and Antarctic).


Life Under the Surface

This category welcomes photographs that illustrate the incredible richness of the underwater world, both in terms of aquatic landscapes and the wildlife inhabiting the ocean.


Beneath the Canopy

This category aims to highlight the beauty of the flora and fauna that make up the forest ecosystem and the lives of native communities in the boreal, temperate and tropical forests.


Humanity versus Nature

Images submitted to this category should depict the conflicting relationship between humans and nature, as well as the negative impact of human activities on the environment. Photographs should address the issues related to the consequences of climate change (droughts, deforestation, extreme climate events…), the terrible loss of biodiversity (endangered species, disastrous interactions between humans and wildlife…), as well as the depletion of the world’s water resources. Images can be taken anywhere in the world, from the most remote to the most populated areas, from the warmest to the coldest parts of the globe.


Towards a Sustainable Future

This category is dedicated to images that highlight the efforts, actions and solutions implemented globally by communities in order to build a more sustainable world and more harmonious relationships between man and nature. This category welcomes images that demonstrate hope for Humanity and for the Planet. Photographs could illustrate actions undertaken by civil society in favour of environmental protection.



Award Prizing

The Environmental Photographer of the Year

- The title “Environmental Photographer of the Year 2022”

- 5,000 € grant

- Invitation (including travel and accommodation) to visit the Amazon Research Station of the International University SEK, and to do a photo documentary in the field, in the heart of the Ecuadorian jungle

- Invitation (including travel and accommodation) to the opening ceremony of the exhibition in the Principality of Monaco

- Public relations support of the Foundation through its communication channels, including social media, press, and newsletter

Category Winners

- 1,000 grant for each of the 5 category winners

- Public relations Public relations support through the Foundation's communication channels (social networks, press articles, newsletter)

Public Award

- 1,000 € grant for the Public Award

Shortlisted Photographers

- Featured in the Environmental Photography Award 2022 exhibition in Monaco and on its international tour

- Published in the Environmental Photography Award 2022 catalogue


The Jury

The 2022 Jury

Our prestigious jury of professional photographers select the shortlisted and winning images for each category. From the category winners they select the Environmental Photographer of the Year.

Daisy Gilardini

President of the Jury

Ragnar Axelsson alias RAX

Laurent Ballesta

Nick Danziger

Frederick Dharshie Wissah

Sergio Pitamitz

Kathleen Ricker

Ami Vitale



The 2022 Publication

A book is published for each edition (bilingual French-English version), including all the shortlisted photographs, accompanied by explanatory texts or photographers’ testimonials.

2022 Edition

Hardcover, 28.5 x 25 cm, 104 pages

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