2022 Edition

Nicholas Samaras

Swimming in Sunset, 2021


Category - Life Under the Surface

Swimming in Sunset, 2021

The Fried Egg Jellyfish (Cotylorhiza tuberculata), sometimes also called Egg- Yolk Jellies, is a species that has a smooth, translucent, yellowish-beige bell with an orange-tinged dome in the centre, making it look like a cracked egg floating through the water. Endemic to the Mediterranean basin, it is commonly found in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Adriatic Seas. It can grow up to 40 centimetres in diameter but is usually less than 20 centimetres wide. The sting of this jellyfish is harmless to humans and most marine species.

8-15 mm f/4 Lens - 1/160 sec at f/13 ISO 320