2022 Edition

Yung Sen Wu

Barracudas, 2017


Category - Life Under the Surface

Barracudas, 2017

I met these barracudas at Blue Corner in Palau, Oceania. I swam with them for 4 days in a row without being able to find the perfect angle, until the 5th day when they finally accepted me and let me swim among them. Surrounded by the barracudas, I imagined myself as one of them and took this photo to document the experience. The dive that day lasted 50 minutes and I had to work hard to maintain my position and not lose this unique chance to swim in the middle of the school. On the 6th day, I was able to repeat this incredible experience but without a camera this time: for me, photography is only one way to observe nature; the other best way is to live it.

11-24 mm f/4 Lens - 1/125 sec at f/11 ISO 400