2022 Edition

Vasily Iakovlev

In Search of Gerda, 2021

Ice cave at the Baikal Lake, Siberia, Russia

Category - Polar Wonders

In Search of Gerda, 2021

Ice caves of Lake Baikal are an amazing natural phenomenon that amazes to the depths of the soul. They are stunning in their beauty and diversity, an indescribable atmosphere reigns inside them. I visited quite a lot of grottoes on Lake Baikal, but every time I went (and more often, crawled into a tiny opening) inside I was overwhelmed by the beauty! Interestingly, every year the grottoes are different, sometimes some are closed (with ice), while new ones are opened.


9 mm f/5.6 Lens - 1/50 sec at f/11 ISO 64