2024 Edition

Ivan Pedretti

Rainbow glacier

Glacial lagoon of Fjallsárlón, Iceland, 2020

Category - Polar Wonders

Rainbow glacier

At the top of the Fjallsárlón glacier, the soft sunlight, characteristic of Icelandic winters, painted a rainbow through the morning mist draping the landscape in blue ice. This lagoon in south-east Iceland is an extension of Europe's largest glacier, the emblematic Vatnajökull, whose formation took over 4,000 years. The glacier crawls down into the lagoon, where icebergs break off and drift serenely around before melting, creating a spellbinding landscape. As a result of climate change, Vatnajökull is melting faster and the Fjallsárlón basin is expanding. In a country where glaciers have always embodied the power of nature, their unprecedented retreat is even more symbolic. The glacial lagoon of Fjallsárlón, situated in southeast Iceland, stands as tangible evidence that the Vatnajökull glacier is vanishing. The gradual movement in the basin of melted ice testifies to the consequences of climate change in a country where glaciers have been an integral part of life and a symbol of nature's unmatched power.

70-200 mm f/4 Lens - 1/400 sec at f/5.6 ISO 100