2023 Edition

Pratik Chorge

Risking Life for Thirst, 2019

Maharashtra, India

Category - Humanity versus Nature

Risking Life for Thirst, 2019

Around 9am the water tanker reaches the particular spot in the village where people have queued for more than 2 hours. Some of the villagers catch the tank from a distance of 3-4 km outside the village so that when it reaches the spot in the village they get the opportunity to fill their water containers first. The 20,000-liter water tanker takes 2 hours to fill but when it enters the village it gets emptied within five to seven minutes. From elderly people to families to young children, all of them huddle in the crowd to fill their buckets with water.


20 mm f/1.8 Lens - 1/1000 sec at f/8 ISO 200