2021 Edition

Jonathan Lhoir

The trapper’s hut

Northern Europe

Category - Wildlife in Crisis

The trapper’s hut

A word from the photographer: “The red fox, a collateral victim of climate change? Today, the polar fox populations that live in the tundra and in the highlands are seeing their territories shrink. This is a complex and real problem that countries in Northern Europe must face. This is linked to global change and human activity, but not only. Indeed, these upheavals favor the expansion of the red fox, which is gaining ground on the polar fox. These two species are thus competing for food. Powerless in the face of the red fox's size and abundance, the polar fox always loses this duel. So much so that campaigns to kill red foxes, considered invasive in these cases, are carried out in areas where the polar fox is considered endangered. It remains to be seen whether it is up to man to solve the problem...”