2021 Edition

Joakim Odelberg

Brenda, a victim of trafficking

Southeast Asia

Category - Wildlife in Crisis

Brenda, a victim of trafficking

A word from the photographer: “Brenda was just a baby when she was taken from her mother, who was killed in Sumatra. The police were tipped off and together with SOCP, Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program, Brenda was found in a bag with her left arm broken. Thanks to the professional veterinarians at SOCP, they managed to fix Brenda's arm, and the long way back to be reintroduced into the wild had started. I've been working in Sumatra since 2016, to find out the truth about the so-called "sustainable palm oil" and to discover what negative impact the industry has on biodiversity, species, and human rights. When you work with species and nature, it's always under their conditions. I followed the endangered Sumatran Orangutan in the wild, to understand the loss of their natural habitat.”